SIT’s ResQraft

When it comes to water rescue, SIT’s ResQraft is a must-have! SIT (Specialised Inflatable Technologies Ltd.) partnered with Safequip to bring this revolutionary rescue equipment to rescuers across the globe. This raft is truly unique and made specifically to handle the challenges that first responders face on the water. This raft is made to be durable, allow rescuers more rigidity and stability in the water, and can be altered for the needs of varying situations.

Don’t think that because this raft is inflatable that you or your team will be compromising on safety and quality. The ResQraft is is made from specially woven HypalonⓇ fabric that has a Neoprene polymer coating for guaranteed durability and chemical resistance. The flooring is also unique, but you’ve seen it before! The flooring is similar to other inflatable rescue vessels that Safequip and SIT have partnered to produce. The flooring of the ResQraft is 15cm in depth and gives first responders much needed stability on the water. 

The back of the vessel is open, allowing for wheelchair access and easy boarding on the back of the raft. A popular optional addition that comes with the ResQraft is the composite transom or removable transom that allows an outboard engine to easily be added (or removed) to back of the vessel.

There are two different sizes for ResQrafts, the smaller size raft holds 8-10 people while the larger raft holds up to 15 people. All ResQrafts come equipped with external lifelines, deck line, flip lines, carry valise, reflective SOLAS tape, paddles and a hand pump. Both sizes of boats come in 3 color schemes: red and gray, yellow and gray, and green and grey.

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If you have any questions about SIT, Safequip, or the ResQraft, give us a call at (205) 705-3226.

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