Safequip Aquasafe Hose Inflation System

In an emergency situation, rescuers only have one focus: saving lives. Safequip knows that this is the highest priority and they have spent years developing new rescue technology to help rescuers do just that. But just because they are creating new and  innovative technology doesn’t mean that it’s complicated: the Aquasafe Hose Inflation System is simple and effective. It allows first responders to use their existing tools to assist in a shore-based rescue.

This kit comes with all the tools necessary to help first responders quickly turn a fire hose into an inflatable, long-reaching rescue device. The kit features two end caps that are placed on either end of a fire hose plus an inflation valve. With the help of an pressurized air tank and the Aquasafe Hose Inflation Kit, a regular fire hose can be transformed into a whole different kind of live-saving device. When inflated, the hose floats on water which makes it easier for victims to see and grab ahold of. Also, the tail end that goes into the water is yellow which provides additional visibility to victims.

If you have any questions about Safequip or the Aquasafe Hose Inflation System, visit or give us a call at (205) 705-3226.

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