GYBE’s One-Pump-System

There is no time to waste when first responders show up to an incident scene. The products they use on-scene have to work and they have to work quickly. Hoses, pumps, and even shelters have to be ready for use as fast as possible. That’s why GYBE created the One-Pump-system for its Rescue Tent. The One-Pump-System allows responders to rapidly inflate their shelter using a single inflation point.


When faced with an emergency situation, setting up a shelter shouldn’t have to be a hassle. The One-Pump-System takes the hassle away by evenly filling all three chanbers of the shelter with air at the same time. This design allows the tents to inflate quickly and easily so that the focus can stay on the emergency at hand rather than setting up shelter. The tents can be easily inflated by hand pump but can also be inflated in under two minutes using a high-pressure air tank. And when the incident has ended, the tent can easily be deflated, packed into its backpack, and stored away for its next mission.


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