GYBE, September’s Client of the Month

Throughout September we will be featuring GYBE as GP Rescue’s Client of the Month. Today we want to talk to you about GYBE. GYBE is a German manufacturer of inflatable tents, producing products for three distinct markets: Lifestyle, Business, and specially-designed rescue tents for the first responder market. That’s our main focus this month. GYBE’s products, and their names, are inspired by racing sailboats. The materials that make up the Rescue Tent were first used as the primary materials in the sails of the boats. The GYBE name is a reference to the sailing maneuver known as a “jibe,” when a sailboat uses its sails to change course.  

GYBE’s shelters are unique. They are inflatable, modular, and extremely durable. Its One-Pump-System allows users to easily inflate the tent using a single inflation point. The tents can easily inflated by hand pump but can be inflated in under two minutes using a high-pressure air tank. The tents are made to withstand the toughest conditions and are made of a synthetic fabric that is fire- and water-resistant. The Rescue Tents come in two sizes, the larger of which is more than 13 feet tall and creates 270 square feet of floor space. GYBE’s shelters are also portable and lightweight; they can be stored and transported in a backpack. The tents are very customizable and there are a variety of extensions that can be easily added through a simple zipper system to fit any situation.

These tents are made for emergencies. They are perfect for creating shelters from harsh elements; a place to plan, coordinate, recover, launch, and triage. Most of the time, that will be the station or offices from which the team plans, prepares, and rests. When you need something that stands out on-scene, is large enough to house victims needing medical treatment, commanders and their equipment, or somewhere for divers or other responders to discretely don their gear-that’s the GYBE Rescue Tent.

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